BLACK FRIDAY LIMITED TIME SALE on every bundle only until Sunday the 26th of November 2017

Happy Black Friday week – it’s finally here! We are having a monster Black Friday sale and since you’re our VIP subscriber, I wanted you to be among the first to know about it and get in – while it’s on! 
Whether you want to improve your Opening, Middlegame Understanding, Positional Play, Tactical Mastery, Endgame Technique, Calculation, Strategy, Attacking Chess or learn how you can take your game to the next level… towards whose FM and IM norms… we’ve got you covered!
Now you can save up to 80% on our best-selling chess courses, packed with Grandmaster training tips, mind-blowing secrets, extreme shortcuts, winning methods, practical idea, step-by-step tutorials, “blueprints”, execution plans and even master-level opening repertoires! 
Here is what you get:
Get the inside scoop on the blockbuster chess training Bundle that many students went through gaining as much as 300 Elo in the process. This 70-hour Grandmaster training covers everything from Calculation, Planning, Middlegame, Endgame and Positional chess to Psychological Preparation,  Attacking Secrets and Opening Mastery. 
  • No fail Calculation Training that allows you “seeing” up to 10 moves ahead while your opponent is making a 2-move blunder  
  • Laser-targeted-tactic to precisely evaluate even the very complex positions
  • Endgame and Middlegame fail-proof algorithms helping you win many positions on an autopilot
  • Training shortcuts that will help you get 1-year progress in a couple of months! 
  • And much more!
This bundle includes everything a club player needs to take his game to the next level.
  • The structured approach to making the 15 most important middlegame positions your second nature [huge shortcut]
  • The pattern recognition system allowing playing 47-most-important-endgames on an autopilot
  • The “tactical triggers” and “Ply Theory” GM approach to tactical mastery [no need to solve truckloads of tactics]
  • Positional understanding secrets, and how to “feel” even complex positions
Arm yourself with two complete opening repertoires that prove useful even against the 2400 level players! Learn how some of the top U.S. players think, make decisions, plan and prepare for their games. Get started with the “Attacking System” giving you a complete blueprint for launching a successful attack [even against the titled players] .
Discover our tried-tested proven most effective training program ever:
  • You will learn What and How to study in order to see the results
  • You will get training hacks that will take your game to a whole new level
  • You will get all the resources needed to work on your game and monitor your progress
  • And much much more!
Learn opening, endgame and middlegame winning strategies in a neat and a very effective training course from NM Viktor Neustroev. The courses are broke down into 3-5 minutes “bite-able” pieces making learning a breeze. 5000+ happy students!
Want to become invincible in the first stage of the game? No more defeats because of unsound opening moves, no more bad middlegame position, and no more stress because of the lines you don’t know. It all ends with the Opening Bundle… Play only the lines you know and 100% understand, straight from renowned opening experts.  
Want to take you chess off the ground and become a club strength player in just 20 short hours? The 0 to club player is the course for you!
Your Move!
[The price is only valid until Sunday midnight – so act fast! Offers are limited to first 150 lucky chess players!]
P.S. What are you waiting for? If you’ve had your eye on this game-winning packages now’s the time to get it.
P.S.S. If you already have some of those courses and want to get the rest of the bundle, get in touch, we will find a way to make that happen!
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