[Free download for 3 days] Genius Decoded: The Magic of Mikhail Tal!!

We’re delighted to announce we’ve got Team USA coach GM Alex Lenderman back with a brand new Master Method that reveals the chess secrets of the world champions! Alex is a (grand)master at extracting secrets from chess games – it’s hard work, but he’s done it for you and is ready to teach you it all!

Get this free chapter where Alex decodes the magic of Mikhail Tal and see how Alex turns great games into chess improvement gold.

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Mikhail Tal was known as “the Magician from Riga” for his incredible ability to create attacks out of nowhere, finding astounding sacrifices to conjure up chaos for his shell-shocked opponents. But Alex reveals there’s a science behind the magic – golden rules you can learn today.

Some of the things to look forward to:

  • Mind-melting tactics: One of the secrets of Tal’s genius is he found ways to keep attacking when any “normal” GM would play it safe. With White threatening g4, most players would retreat with …Nf6 and ….Bd7 after g4. The attack would be over. Tal, challenging Botvinnik in a World Championship match – as Black – burned the house down with …Nf4!!

  • More than mate: GM Lenderman has unearthed a great secret from Tal’s play: how Tal guaranteed winning positions even when his opponent defended successfully. Anyone who survived a Tal onslaught would think the hard work was done. But then they notice their poor piece activity, weak pawns and slowly realize Tal had seen this all along!

  • Initiative is everything: Tal had the magical ability to keep his victims 1 move from safety at all times. Alex explains how you can copy Tal’s method for permanent pressure!

Click here to get GM Lenderman’s Genius Decoded: The Magic of Tal for free!

GM Damian Lemos
Team iChess

P.S. Like all GMs, I always say “study the games of the World Champions” if you want to get better. Now you have one of the world’s greatest chess analysts and coaches, GM Alex Lenderman, revealing the secrets he discovered in Chess Secrets of the World Champions (Lenderman Method 2)!!

For a few days, you can get 50% off this new, 15 hour course by clicking here.

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