Launched: Catalan The System 50% OFF

I have very exciting news to share with you today! The wait is over and you can finally experience our brand-new course Catalan The System for Black with IM Andrey Ostrovskiy
This course took us over 3-months to complete. We delayed the launch (actually, on two occasions) to make sure you get only the most relevant and useful information. We trust this system will help you dominate in games against opponents of any level. 
Catalan is one of the best opening systems for Black because it’s very solid, with limitless ways of achieving the key positions, and high chances for a win. Yet, it’s easy to learn and start playing right away. Catalan is especially effective against club level players because they don’t have a well-developed sense of danger and treat all closed positions as quiet, boring and positional. 
Well, if so, after learning this system YOU will teach THEM a good lesson…
IM Andrey Ostrovskiy has mastered Closed Catalan System, played and perfected it for many years. He applied the system with great success against all sorts of players from club level to International Masters and even Grandmasters. That’s why Andrey recommends you to play the Closed Catalan as black and he is certain that after studying this course you will repeat his success!
In this 7-hour course, you will learn everything a player needs to know to jump-start your understanding of Closed Catalan for Black including piece placement, pawn structures, key plans, maneuvers, setups, and ideas.
What to expect?
After going through the course and playing some practice games, Closed Catalan setups will become a second nature to you, leading to dramatic improvement of your results with black pieces. You will face your opponent confidently, taking stress off your games and knowing that you’re backed up with a Pro-level repertoire. 
Perhaps, black will even become your favorite color to play with. Leave all the uncertainty and worrying to your opponent. With this system, you are there to collect your win!
And for a very limited time, we have a launch-only you can’t afford to miss:
Click here to get Catalan – The System 50% off [your performance and Elo will thank you]
P.S. Don’t forget to watch the free video and learn about Catalan straight for IM Andrey Ostrovskiy.  
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