Learn the secrets of tactical genius…

You’re sat at the board in a crucial game. Spectators crowd around the table watching your pieces hound the enemy king. You’ve sac’d a piece for this attack and smell blood – but you have to be precise.


One slip and he will escape. Glory or obscurity – everything rests on the quality of your tactical training.

Now, for the first time, you can get the tactical skills needed to win the big games with a dedicated course for intermediate and advanced players…


Tactical wizard GM Sam Shankland (2662 Elo), gold medal winner for Team USA at last year’s Olympiad, has poured heart and soul into creating the ultimate training on tactics and calculation.


And, for a few days, you can get Shankland Method 2 for half-price


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Why is Tactics and Calculation for the Ambitious Player different? This course improves both your ability to calculate and your pattern recognition, by decoding the 49 most instructive GM examples of tactical play.


You learn what works, what doesn’t and how to find the right solution at the board.


15 hours of GM coaching on the 6 most critical moments of any game, including:

  • Attacking the King: learn GM strategies for smashing through defenses and mating the king – even when the king seems totally safe. Imagine the shock when your rival sees you play 16.Bg6!!
  • Loose pieces drop off! Discover Kasparov’s “triple-threat” system for taking advantage of loose pieces and start forcing those early resignations!
  • Endgame tactics: just when your opponent is settling down for a slow, calm endgame, light up the board with tactical fireworks, sacrificing pieces and pawns to push for promotion.

BONUS videos: see how Sam applies these ideas in practice with a 1 hour live blitz session PLUS the exclusive “Battle of the Bay Area Beasts” – his 5 game match against Daniel Naroditsky!!


(Shankland Method 2).

Do you want to see an exclusive 40-minute preview of the course: click here

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