THE MELEKHINA METHOD [60% OFF] PLUS 3 full-length bonus courses

What if you could study just a little…say an hour or so a week, yet drastically improve your playing style, middlegame handling and resourcefulness when in tough positions? 

What if you could place a microscope on your chess and self-analyze every weakness you have – then remove them permanently without having to study  for hours each day?

Alisa is no stranger to having little time to study, with a full time career as a patent attorney in New York, she needs to get the maximum amount of return per hour of study.

Alisa’s latest 15+ hour course for iChess focuses on the busy club player who doesn’t have time to memorize hundreds of opening lines, instead focusing on how to calculate quickly, launch attacks and defend perfectly regardless of the opening played.

If you’re trying to get the maximum improvement in your chess with just one hour of study a week that’s exactly what the brand new Melekhina Method offers. ​

The Melekhina Method sees FM Alisa Melekhina giving you an arsenal of unusual, yet powerful chess weapons we promise you haven’t seen before.

What’s inside?

  • Whether your opponent is a tactical player or positional monster you MUST be prepared to play both styles if you want to improve. In part 1, Chess Styles, Alisa shows you how to adopt a combination of Capablanca’s positional elegance and Tal’s tactical brilliance so you can win games regardless of your opponent’s style.
  • Ever wondered how GMs find strong moves, even in an opening they’ve never played? In part 2 Alisa will reveal a special unique way to understanding chess structures, You too will learn to recognize the structure before saying “ah huh! I know exactly where my pieces belong!” without ever having to memorize specific positions.
  • In part 3, FM Melekhina reveals her method for finding “second best, but messy” ideas, instead of the “best but clearly losing” alternatives. Applying this tactic forces opponents to be super-accurate (impossible for most!) or lose, and will result in dozens of extra wins for you!
  • Do you know how to analyze your games to get the most ROI on your improvement? What are your errors in thinking? What specifically made you lose from a better position? In part 4 learn Alisa’smethods for identifying mistakes in her own game (hint it’s not with a chess engine) to make sure they don’t occur again. 

And to supplement your study [thanks to iChess], we are also including all 3 of FM Melekhina’s Empire Chess courses totaling an additional 10 hours of content – for FREE in your offer.
 Free Bonuses Included:
  • Exploit Imbalances in Chess (Empire Chess #85): Teaches you to win games via mastery of imbalances like bishop vs knight, minor pieces vs queen and even positional exchange sacrifices! (3.5 hours)

  • King’s Indian Defense (Empire Chess #36): A 4 hour crash course in the dynamic opening favored by Fischer, Kasparov and Nakamura!
  • Fighting in the Endgame:  In this 2 hours course FM Melekhina teaches you endgames not by rote memorization of positions, but with a guiding philosophy for making the right moves and planning accurately in any endgame position.
So you’re getting FM Melekhina’s brand new 15-hour chess course for half the usual price, PLUS 3 full-length bonus courses, lesson PGN files, course summary PDFs, puzzle PDFs and a high-quality video interview with FM Melekhina…
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