Most club players find it very difficult to improve the positional understanding. There are many reasons for it: there isn’t much materials available on this topic for club players, they don’t know what and how to study, what’s important and what’s not.  
Not learning positional fundamentals stagnates your progress and disabled you from performing at your best.
And we believe it’s unacceptable. That’s why we’re are rolling out this new course to help you out quickly mastering positional chess.
This course is not magic; it is a highly structured training covering 15 most important positional elements that every chess player must know. You won’t wake up a positional expert overnight, but thanks to IM Castellanos’ decade of experience, you will get an unparalleled edge against your competition!
Here is what you learn:
  • Karpov’s very powerful idea for exploiting the weak squares to gain full control of the position
  • How to use the minority attack to blast open the opponent’s position while winning material in the process
  • Capablanca’s signature technique for gaining space and converting it into a permanent advantage
  • Carlsen’s strategy for exploiting the doubled pawns and structuring the game plan around those weaknesses
  • Number 1 rule to follow for getting an initiative in opposite color bishop Middlegame
  • How to decide what pieces to trade and what pieces to save [a master’s method]?  
If you are a beginner or a club player, that values his time and wants to see RESULTS, this is a must-have chess course!
[You will also receive a $35 Free Bonus video course! First 50 chess players only.]
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