50% discount on the Lenderman Method!​​​​​​​

GM Lenderman is one of the most sought-after coaches in the world today, having successfully coached the US team (including Nakamura, Caruana, So and Sam Shankland) to gold at last year’s Olympiad.

When we asked him to produce a super in-depth course on how to play dynamic chess and balance material with other factors, he jumped at the chance. The result: the incredible 15 hour Lenderman Method.

The Lenderman Method sees Alex (peak FIDE 2636) break down literally every single element of sacrificial play used in modern grandmaster practice.

You’ll soon be a deadly opponent not just in opening gambits, but in EVERY other sacrificial method as well.

Now, take another step forward with the entire 15-hour Lenderman Method training – and we will offer a 50% discount to make your decision even easier.

Click here to claim your 50% discount on the Lenderman Method!​​​​​​​

The Lenderman Method trains you in:

  • Positional Queen Sacrifices: Discover Mamedyarov’s weird queen sacrifice that looks like a beginner’s blunder, but was really a mind-blowing concept that left his opponent helpless (despite having an extra queen!)
  • Masterful Exchange Sacrifices: You’ll learn the 1 simple question Kasparov asks that helps him easily find exchange sacrifices of devastating power (plus witness a brilliant example of him destroying a 2650 opponent with that very method!)
  • Minor Piece Sacrifices: Learn GM Topalov’s secret weapon for sacrificing a whole piece to tear apart the enemy king position (plus, the 3 “soft spots” where this sacrifice is 10x more powerful!)
  • Long Term Positional Sacrifices: The astonishing revelation GM Lenderman got from studying Komodo’s play (what chess at the 3400 ELO is revealing, even about the weakness of GMs!)

So if you’re ready for a step-by-step course in sacrificial play, from one of the leading grandmaster coaches in the U.S, The Lenderman Method is a choice that’ll transform your chess forever.​​​​​​​

And if you’re still not sure, allow me to knock you off the fence with some amazing bonuses!

  • Bonus 1: An action packed one hour video of GM Lenderman applying everything he taught you in speed chess games (watch with amazement as he blitzes out the moves, making brilliant sacrifices at blinding speed!)
  • Bonus 2: An eye-opening interview with GM Lenderman where he is asked all of the questions club players are dying to ask! “Is hard work more important than talent?” “How do we discover our weaknesses?” GM Secrets truly being revealed here!
  • Bonus 3: The complete PGN for the course (over 100 games!) for you to review with your favorite engine; practical tests for you to check your understanding against and a course summary for easy reference!

So take the whole 15 hours for half price, make a smart move and you’ll explode your chess by midyear…it’s that simple.

Click here to claim your 50% discount on the Lenderman Method​​​​​​​


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