50% discount on the London opening system until the 25th of February 2017.

If you like to get the absolute maximum return from your time spent on chess, the London System is a fantastic option: powerful, suits both positional and tactical players, can be played against anything Black replies with and it’s easy to learn!

If you’re ready to completely master all the ideas in this “shortcut” system, we’d like to offer you 50% off GM Lemos’ brand new, 9 hour London System repertoire training course!



Click here to get Lemos Deep Dive: London System for 50% off!

In this powerful system you simply play 1.d4 2.Bf4 and then…

  • Follow very simple plans for an easy edge as white (as long as you’re armed with a few of the methods GM Lemos’ is going to teach you!)
  • Focus on remembering high-level ideas (not theory!) for kingside attacking, positional squeeze-play and everything in between (and best of all, these London plans can be applied regardless of what black does!)

So why not give it a go? You could make the London your main weapon as white or simply the poison you keep up your sleeve to confront “theoretical guys” – it’s up to you!

Here are some great reasons to learn the London System from GM Lemos:

  • You’ll learn his “caveman” technique for using the bishop pair to create terrifying attacks on the kingside (looks crude, but GRANDMASTERS have lost to this “blitzkrieg” attack!
  • GM Lemos will also show you how to play the system in a calm and positional manner with absolutely no risk (perfect for slowly outplaying mega-tactical kids and other less experienced opponents)
  • You’ll discover the tactical method that British GM Tony Miles used to embarrass a GM colleague in just 19 moves (GM Lemos give you a whole bag of tactical ideas to keep ready for unsuspecting opponents and GM Miles’ ingenious idea is only one of them!)
  • You get fantastic extras including PGNs, puzzles and the course summary for quick revision and to play sparring games in your new system.
  • Plus tons more in 9 hours of superb GM video lessons!

So if you want to learn the clever opening system that even Magnus Carlsen has now decided to turn to, take advantage of your discount and learn everything about this wonderful system from Grandmaster Lemos today.

Click here to get Lemos Deep Dive: London System for 50% off!

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