Comprehensive Beginner’s Couse

Still learning the ropes in chess?

Wouldn’t it be easier with a master sitting by your side helping you?

Vital skills of the masters such as intelligent opening play, proven middlegame strategies, terrifying attacking plans and especially those handful of common checkmates that pop up again and again…


 …can actually be absorbed in just a few hours.

International Master Valeri Lilov’s Comprehensive Beginner’s Course will share this essential knowledge, transforming you into a solid, knowledgeable club player in less than a day.

So if you’re ready to get started now, you can own this course for 50% off.


Click here to get IM Lilov’s Comprehensive Beginner’s Course now!

All this “less than a day” talk sounds crazy I know, so hear me out…

Starting with the basics, IM Lilov builds your rock solid foundation in essentials like:

  • Good and Bad Exchanges (Learn how to get “winning exchanges” based on key master strategies such as the “good knight vs bad bishop” motif and many more) 
  • Attacking Secrets (Discover the 5 deadly king attacks masters use to achieve their most brilliant wins )
  • Strategic Techniques (Ideas like planning ahead when there’s nothing to attack, targeting enemy weaknesses, pawn structure theory and domination of key squares – all revealed! )
  • Terrifying Tactical Tricks (Great training in the most frequent and dangerous chess tactics, so you can win material and enforce your will on opponents, even in sharp positions) 

And if this stuff sounds advanced to you, don’t worry!


IM Lilov is starting from scratch!


It doesn’t matter whether you learnt the moves yesterday, you’ll soon have the skills to play a very respectable game of tournament chess, plus a rating you can be proud of.


With this course you’re getting:

  • 10 hours of HQ video lessons with Master Lilov (Coaching from 0-1400 ELO)
  • Training Exercises (Complete these to reinforce the lessons and master the ideas overnight!)
  • PGN File Downloads (Use these and review your lessons over the board, or play out critical positions against the computer) 

This is the ultimate shortcut to becoming a solid and confident tournament player, so grab your chance now, Ioannis.

Click here to get IM Lilov’s Comprehensive Beginner’s Course for 50% off now!


P.S. This course is a great opportunity and your 50% discount makes it perfect!click here to claim your copy because the sale closes 23:59 EST on Saturday 11 2017.


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