Grab the chance to boost your endgame while most of the chess players lack basic endgame skills.

The majority of modern chess players do NOT have a real (deep) strategic understanding. The majority of chess players don’t have a deep understanding of the endgame. This is their weak point.
Remember the famous endgame masters: Capablanca, Flohr, Smyslov, Karpov, KramnikThey all have a crystal-clear caliber of playing. They all almost never make mistakes. They all almost never lose games in the opening.

Their deep strategic understanding prevents them from making mistakes! They attained this understanding while perfecting the endgame skills!

That is why Capablanca recommended to start learning chess from the endgame phase! Endgame expertise bears positive influence on all other parts of your game as well.

Any chess player will grab this kind of opportunity as soon as they see it. Winning 25% more games will have a HUGE difference for your rating. In fact, it can take you anywhere from 1000 to 1300 elo, from 1400 to 1700 elo or from 1800 to over 2000 elo. You’ve got the idea.




(the offer is valid only until the 7th of February 2017)

You are probably wondering how is that possible? Are you going to have to study with a 2600 rated Grandmaster coach for a full year, 5 hours a day? Quit your job or school and focus exclusively on chess?

Nope. None of the above.

The truth is that getting 25% more won games is easy and won’t take as much time as you think.

I have one word to say “ENDGAMES”.

By studying endgames and understanding the key principles that Capablanca was referring to by saying “study endgames first” you will start winning at least 25% more games.


Most chess players reach the endgames which are different from those they study in books. Thus, the memorized positions become useless.

The key is to understand the ideas, not to memorize them. That’s exactly what the Endgame Expert with GM Smirnov is all about. Learning practical ideas, you can use to win games. Period.

This course is all-in-one system of playing endgames:


  • It gives you ALL you need to know about any endgame
  • It shows you how endgame Masters think and how they come to the right moves
  • It gives you a step-by-step algorithm of thinking, which allows you to find the best move in any endgame position
  • Thus, you will be able to imitate an endgame Expert’s thinking process and achieve the same great results
  • My experience shows that serious students obtain 200-300 rating points after learning from my chess courses

The course “An Endgame Expert” gives you an integrated system of thinking in an endgame. This allows you to apply the course’s ideas in your practical games right away!

Due to the high demand, we’re only allowed to distribute 50 copies of this excellent course at 50% off. We’ll be out soon, so if you want a copy, make sure to get it quick! The offer is valid only until the 7th of February 2017.


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