IM John Watson – Complete Opening Repertoire 65% discount until January 21st 2017


Ready to take your opening preparation to the whole new level?  #1 chess coach in America IM John Watson is here to give your openings a complete overhaul!

If you are rated between 1200 and 2000 and are tired of getting nothing out of the opening then you’re going to get a huge benefit from IM John Watson’s complete opening repertoire.

This is the material that helped in producing GM Tal Shaked, the World Junior Champion, Senior Master Patrick Hummel and dozens of other strong and very strong players.

Now it is available to you and until January 21 2017, it is 65% off:


If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed trying to memorize dozens of seemingly senseless moves then John’s course will come as a welcome relief!

Learning openings should be fun and teach you something new about chess too yet many players don’t know where to start. You pick up some tips on the Sicilian but your next 5 opponents all play the French.

Sounds familiar?

That’s why IM John Watson has put together a complete opening repertoire. You’ll learn complete systems to confidently take on both 1.d4 and 1.e4 players as Black, as well as a complete system for White.

What makes this series stand out is John’s commitment to making the material easy-to-learn while including only the very best lines.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • Hand-picked openings that you can learn using broader concepts dissecting the major ideas associated with each opening, the key elements to look out for, and the typical strategies that occur when you play each opening, and how to apply common sense when playing them.
  • Straight forward moves and simple variations that will improve your game, are easy to learn and will allow you to put them into practice almost immediately without fear of losing many games in the process.
  • Opening lines which you can score well with, the typical strategies and reasoning behind them, and how common sense can help keep you out of trouble.

Study these courses and you’ll get a great position even if your opponent plays something expected – your understanding of what you should be trying to do will make it easy to find a strong move.

With over 30 hours of master-level instruction, you will be well prepared to face anything across the board. Start now and begin to enjoy good positions out of the opening in no time!

We can only offer this price until Jan. 21St 2017 so be quick, and it’ll be the best purchase you’ll ever make!


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