The Complete 1.d4 Opening Repertoire (Full Video Course)

Our friend GM Mesgen Amanov has just resurfaced after disappearing to work on a “top secret” project.


For 3 months he painstakingly combined all his private analysis, mainline theory, as well as numerous deadly computer novelties into a simple-to-learn, yet unbeatable repertoire for white.   


GM Mesgen would now like to teach you this white repertoire, straight from his private vault, so you can employ his ideas for a guaranteed advantage in the opening, no matter how your opponent responds!


In development of the repertoire, Mesgen required that all openings:

  • Be easy for you to learn quickly.
  • Not force you to memorize lots of theory.
  • Give you a guaranteed advantage with clear plans, regardless of what black does.

The result is a masterpiece: The Complete 1.d4 Opening Repertoire. 




Are you ready to possess the ultimate edge over your opponents?


Click here to claim your copy of The Complete 1.d4 Opening Repertoire!


This brand new training promises to make all of your white openings bullet-proof in 8 hours flat with exciting lines like the… 

  • Queen’s Gambit Exchange Variation: While mastering this line, you’ll discover why it was also Kasparov’s secret weapon in matches against both Short and Karpov and, how the line has become even more dangerous since then.
  • Fianchetto King’s Indian: Aggressive King’s Indian players will be banging their heads in frustration as you employ Karpov’s secret weapon and shut down their intentions, before mercilessly squeezing them to death.
  • Qc2 vs Nimzo Indian: A strong, yet simple system which has the approval of Kasparov, Kramnik, Carlsen and Caruana (!) GM Amanov’s cutting-edge novelties in this line give you terrifying prep that’ll destroy any unwary opponent. 

And that’s just the beginning…


This white repertoire was painstakingly researched, distilled and assembled from long days of deep analysis and is presented beautifully in high quality video training you can watch over and over again, until finally you’re confident to battle against anybody.


Finally, you get complete PGN files for your entire repertoire, so you can review lines and, even practice against the computer – all of this training together is sure to make you unstoppable as white.


Now let’s get started!


Click here to get your copy of The Complete 1.d4 Opening Repertoire.


P.S. I’m not sure how long GM Mesgen will make this one available (probably not long at this price), click here quickly to grab your copy now.



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