Dynamic Chess – Your Free Course

There is never been a better time to put your chess future squarely in your own hands – and master the valuable skill that will forever change your game!

And to make that happen, we are launching a new course: the Secrets of Dynamic Chess with IM Lilov, giving you the complete skill set for sharp and dynamic play.

Before you get the exclusive access on Thursday, April 12 at 8 am, I want you to get started right now:

Get your free mini-course on Candidate Moves

Get your free course

You’ll discover…

  • What is the #1 question you need to ask yourself in any position?
  • How to find the most “optimal” move to play?
  • What are the 3 types of candidate moves you must consider?
  • What NOT to do when looking for the best candidate moves?

There is a lot of information, and I’m sure you will discover TONs of new, important stuff for yourself. 

Get your free mini-course now [Be quick, we’re only giving away 2,000 copies]

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