Romain Edouard’s Quick Kills! (download link inside)

Here is your copy of Quick Kills! – click here to download it.


Here’s what’s in store for you: 

  • Game of the Century! GM Édouard reveals the secrets behind “the game that shook the world”, 13 year old Fischer’s incredible win against Donald Byrne!
  • Dynamic development. For the right 2 conditions, you can afford to give up a lot of material! See how Alekhine used this to devastate Euwe with 6.Nf3!!
  • Who says romance is dead? You can play like Morphy in the modern age – as Romain demonstrates with his brilliant dissection of a Shirov classic!

P.S. This is a tiny portion of Romain’s 109 game and 14 hour DNA of a Chess Champion – an incredible training course that teaches you how to become the clear and dominant #1. Get your copy for half-price here.

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