[FREE] Unlock the “GM Mind” and Play Better Chess Now!

There are no shortcuts in chess, but you can speed up your progress by copying the masters – and today’s free course will help you do just that!

In Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind  GM Maxim Dlugy describes his thoughts during competitive games: what he notices about the position; why he favors one move other another; how he balances pushing his plan forward with stopping his opponent’s.

By the end of the course, you’re able to mirror his thought process. And, when you think like a GM, you begin to play like one.


Click here to get Unlocking the GM Mind free! (Software requires Windows).



Here’s how this course will improve your results:

  • Psychological edge: learn how to read your opponent and play the moves they really don’t want to face. Scared and frustrated opponents collapse quickly!
  • Endgame maestro: GM Dlugy reveals the #1 move to consider in any endgame situation. Apply this time and again to improve your position (see the lesson “A Grandmaster’s Ability”).
  • Precision play: No more playing moves that look good but are actually errors. GM Dlugy’s explanations of his decisions will help you see deep into the position. Good players know all the rules. Masters know when to break them!
  • Comeback king: You’ll learn how to come back from inferior positions. No more collapsing when you go a pawn down. GM Dlugy gives practical plans to chip away at your opponent’s advantage, plus methods for managing your emotional state (fear and worry are major causes of defeat).

Click here to get Unlocking the GM Mind free!

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