Attacking the Kingside Castle on the H-file

Attacking is one of the most attractive skills for every chess player.

Being a positional genius, a boa constrictor, squeezing the small advantages is great, but the ability to find tactics and create direct attacks is something that makes everyone’s eyes sparkle.

Like every other chess skill attacking can be learned and trained, it is not something you’re born with.

In this article, we are going to go over some very nice attacking examples in a common pawn structure.
P.S. Launching a game winning attack is no easy job. Simply developing pieces and playing “logical” moves don’t work anymore. Strong attacking positions don’t just appear out of nowhere.
Attacking Masterclass with IM Mat Kolosowski gives you a clear blueprint for achieving a favorable position and turning it into the “win”. Presenting to you the most complete, up to date “college level” course on Attacking Chess:
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