[FREE] Naiditsch’s Najdorf: the 1.e4 killer!

If you want to see what type of player someone is, ask them what they think of the Sicilian Najdorf! You’ll either see their eyes light up and a broad smile creep across their face… or they’ll run away screaming (or at least pull a face).

The Najdorf, long known as the Rolls-Royce of chess openings, is a double-edged sword. Wield it correctly and you can slice your opponent into ribbons. Mishandle it and you’ll be performing an unintentional Hara-kiri.

Now get ready to master the ultimate opening weapon with this free lesson from Super GM Arkadij Naiditsch:

Click here to get Naiditsch’s Najdorf free!


In this mini-course, GM Naiditsch analyzes 2 great games involving perhaps the greatest Najdorf expert currently playing: Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (MVL).


  • Hidden resources: Part of the appeal of the Najdorf is Black’s ability to create whirlwind attacks seemingly out of nowhere. In this diagram, MVL faces the super-solid Anish Giri. Black’s king is wide open, his pawn structure is ruined and yet… he won in just 8 spectacular moves!
  • World Champion attacks: Next up, GM Naiditsch shows how to play against the Najdorf with an attacking classic from Anand. Despite castling kingside, Anand still launches a kingside pawn storm against MVL, sac’ing 2 minor pieces and walking a tactical tightrope to simultaneously avoid and deliver mate!

Whether you want to play the Najdorf as Black, need some new ideas as White or just love watching fantastic games beautifully explained, this free mini-course has something for you!

Click here to get Naiditsch’s Najdorf free!

P.S. This free 1 hour lesson is just a small part of the brilliant new training for tournament players, Naiditsch’s Dojo – Tournament Training for the Attacking Player (Naiditsch Method 2). Get your copy of this 15 hour course for half-price here!

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