[FREE course] Get Larry C’s Killer Chess Attacks!

Good chess is a combination of knowledge and skill. You might be a talented tactician but it doesn’t hurt to know some powerful attacking patterns too!

Now you can learn how to play some of the most devastating attacks in history with this free 2 hour course from GM Larry Christiansen!

Click here to get your free copy of Larry C’s Killer Chess Attacks!



What will you learn?

  • The Ng7 sacrifice in the Sicilian. A must-know sacrifice for all 1.e4 players! White gets a guaranteed attack against the enemy king but must squeeze the maximum out of every move to win. Larry C dissects a model game from Topalov to teach you the way!
  • King in a cage – Mikhail Tal was willing to sacrifice almost any amount of material to keep his opponent’s king in a cage – a corner or rank he couldn’t escape from but could still be attacked. Know this formation and you’ll be able to sac early and put unbearable pressure on your rival!
  • Nezhmetdinov’s crazy double-rook sac – This Grunfeld classic has gone down in history as one of the essential attacking games to study. So much so, GM Yusupov won a game decades after Nezhmetdinov playing the exact same moves (yes, he knew the game!). White gives up both rooks to start the mother of all king hunts!

GM Larry Christiansen analyzes each game in-depth, explaining how and why each attack works plus what to do against other defenses – everything you need to be more prepared than your opponent!

Click here to get your free copy of Larry C’s Killer Chess Attacks!

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