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It’s not a secret that opening preparation makes up approximately 30-60% of success, depending on your current level.

Most club players make a serious mistake by studying openings “in a vacuum”, isolating it from other parts of the game. When theoretical knowledge ends they feel like a fish out of water not having any further plans or ideas.

The good news is… there is an easy fix!

You can skyrocket your winning chances by simply learning typical piece maneuvers, common setups and checkmating patterns.

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Here is what you’ll learn:
  • Key ideas for getting an advantage after the first 10-15 moves playing the game
  • Number 1 rule you should use to effectively exploit your opponent’s opening mistakes
  • Common tactical motifs to look out for to not get trapped in the opening [a must-know secret]
  • How to catch your opponent off guard with the “power moves” in certain tactical positions?
  • What are the most important checkmating patterns leading to powerful tactical strikes?
  • The full blueprint for successfully playing for or against the isolated pawn
  • Schematic thinking and how strong Grandmasters use it to leave their competition behind
And to make this even better I have included How to Make a Game Plan as a free bonus! This is only available for the fist 25 customers.
P.S. Why not watch a piece coordination tutorial taken straight from this course. 
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