[FREE] Valeri Lilov’s Quadrant of Attack formula!!

Attack! Always attack!” – Adolf Anderssen.

Easier said than done, Adolf! Certainly in modern chess. People actually defend and are more familiar with typical attacking formations.

You’re ready with your kingside onslaught but your opponent has sneakily put a knight on f6, protected it with a knight on d7 in case of any sacrifices, and moved his h-pawn to h6. What now?

If you want to stop banging your head against a brick wall and smash through it instead, leaving nothing but dust and a shocked opponent, check out IM Valeri Lilov’s Quadrant of Attack.

Click here to get The Quadrant of Attack free.


 [FREE] Valeri Lilov_s Quadrant of Attack formula!!

The Quadrant of Attack details the 4 keys to a successful attack: target, attacking force, lines of attack and neutralizing the main defender.


Now you get to see how these 4 elements play out in real, instructive games with IM Lilov explaining all the “what ifs”.

Here’s how this mini-course will help you win more attacking games:

  1. On point calculation: calculate more than you need to and you’re wasting time and energy. Don’t analyze deep enough and you’ll miss ideas. Valeri gives you an invaluable tip on how to know exactly when it’s safe to stop calculating.
  2. Sniper moves: attacking moves so quiet they’re practically silent – but conceal threats deadly enough to take the enemy king’s head clean off. Start finding them in your games with IM Lilov’s “theory of the missing piece”.
  3. Mindset shift: instead of trying to set up winning moves – which are often easily defended – learn the secret to tightening the screw with every move, until your opponent cracks under the pressure.

Click here to get your copy of The Quadrant of Attack for free.


P.S. This giveaway is just a minuscule part of the colossal 30 hour From Amateur to Master (Lilov Method) the complete training for ambitious players. Get 50% off your copy by clicking here.

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