[Free course until Tuesday the 26th of September 2017] How to save games and boost your Elo!

Daniel Naroditsky is back with the follow-up to his best-selling Naroditsky Method – and we’ve got a fantastic 1 hour sample for you!

In Smoke and Fire, Daniel reveals how to become the toughest competitor around by eliminating the number one cause of embarrassing collapses at the board.

Click here to download Smoke and Fire!


We’ve probably all been guilty of ignoring some of our defeats because we “know where we went wrong”. Daniel explains why we need to look deeper and how to take the necessary steps to obliterate these weaknesses. The result: less losses and more rating points.


Some of what you will learn:

  • The one psychological trick you must play on your opponent if you’re losing (59:00 in the video).
  • How to manage your emotional response to a blunder so it doesn’t affect the rest of your game (13:30).
  • The Jedi mind trick – how to get inside your opponent’s head, influencing them to either blunder or miss the blunder you just made! (1:02:00)


Any competitive player will know it’s rarely one mistake that loses a game. This mini-course will teach you how to reduce those mistakes and how to recover from them when they inevitably happen.


Click here to download Smoke and Fire!

until Tuesday the 26th of September 2017 for free


P.S. Ready for all of Daniel’s new, 15 hour course? Click here to get 50% off Achieving your Chess Potential (Naroditsky Method 2)!






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