GM Krush Shares Her Astonishing Discovery plus bonuses [50% off]

What if you had a chess blueprint that broke everything (openings, strategy, attacking play, the initiative, etc.) down to a few basic skills?
Right! It sounds impossible, but that’s exactly what I’m excited to share with you today…
7 times US Women’s Champion GM Irina Krush recently made the astonishing discovery that all elements in chess really do fall into only THREE areas…
Time, Space and Harmony.
Remarkably, these three areas if properly understood, hold the keys to mastering everything GMs know about chess!
The good news for you is that GM Krush has now distilled her brilliant theory (with all of her teachings on the subject) into a brand new iChess 8-hour course, which you can now get for 50% off.
Some Examples of Time, Space and Harmony:
  • Time: Discover how masters seize the initiative, even in seemingly innocent positions (you’ll learn to use a handful elements that when combined, allowed Morphy, Tal and Alekhine to bamboozle opponents in beautiful miniatures!)  
  • Space: Learn to use the deadly “Spassky Grip” which starts with a small space advantage, squeezing relentlessly until opponents can barely move their pieces (devastating against Fischer, Geller, and soon your opponents too!)
  • Harmony: Access the secrets of Karpov’s perfect positional play and how harmony between pieces was indeed the “glue” that made it all stick together (Kasparov himself learnt this lesson only after painfully losing the 1984 match!)
You’ll also absorb the ideas of the “Krush Method” easily with these high-quality BONUS learning materials:
Bonus 1: An eye opening interview with GM Krush where she is asked in vivid detail about her chess growth, training secrets and even her most recommended books!
Bonus 2: The complete PGN for the course for you to review with your favorite engine; practical tests for you to check your understanding against and a course summary for easy reference!
SPECIAL bonus! Take this offer on the Krush Method and not only will you get your 50% discount but we’ll ALSO throw in Irina’s superb 2.5 hour Krushing Attacks course where she analyzes some of her best games!!
So if you’re ready to master chess the simple way, you have no better shortcut than GM Krush’s ground-breaking Time, Space and Harmony course!
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