[FREE 1 hour video] ⚡ IM Atalik’s Quick Win Formula!

“As long as my opponent has not yet castled, on each move I seek a pretext for an offensive.” Mikhail Tal.


Get ready for a masterclass in quick wins from former European Women’s Champion IM Ekaterina Atalik!


In this stunning 1 hour lesson – taken from her brand new Master Method – IM Atalik gives you practical steps for punishing your opponent’s sloppy opening play.


And we’re not talking about basic attacks that only work against 1200 players – you’re going to witness GMs getting ripped apart for wasting just one tempo!


Ekaterina does a fantastic job of breaking these attacks down into repeatable, practical steps you can use to torment your rivals.


Click here to download Atalik’s Early Attacks!



Win more miniatures by:

  • Assessing your attack’s success:Ekaterina makes this easy. If you have made 4 minor piece moves and 2 other, specific, moves and your opponent hasn’t, it’s time to send them home!
  • Striking while the iron is hot. Here, the GM playing Black spent one move taking a troublesome pawn on a5. Incredibly, it’s game over! See the stunning 10 move, 6 sacrifice combination that stunned onlookers in the Russian Cup final!
  • Using the Ivanchuk method. Like Tal, Ivanchuk will do anything to keep that king in the center. Ekaterina analyzes a stunning sacrificial win that reveals the 2 things you need before sac’ing a piece (clue: open lines).

Fantastic games, brilliantly explained.


Click here to download Atalik’s Early Attacks!





P.S. Love this giveaway? Get Ekaterina’s new 15 hour Atalik’s All-Around Guide for Club Players, the course that massively boosts your opening, middle and endgame play by teaching you how the world’s best handled each phase. Click here to get your copy for half-price.

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