[FREE] Mato Jelic’s NEW 🤴⚔️ “Kingslayer”!!

“Check… mate!”

Internet sensation Mato Jelic is back with a brand new, 17 hour course on the art of the king hunt… and you’re getting an awesome 90 minute slice for free!

Click here to download Mato’s Kingslayer!


In this course, Mato reveals a ton of inventive ways for crashing through the king’s barricades – early and uninvited!


You will learn how to:

  • Smash through the seemingly solid Caro-Kann 4…Nd7 setup with a stunning – and completely winning – sacrifice on move 8!
  • Take the sizzle out of the Fried Liver Attack with the Traxler Counter! This position looks bad for Black but Mato teaches you the incredible combination that wins on the spot!
  • The spectacular attack Alekhine kept secret for years before stunning his rival by sacrificing queen and knight for just 1 pawn! (Hint: you’ll have a new favorite 4th move against the French!)

Ready to inject power and purpose into your every move? Want to learn a ton of tactical patterns to help you finish games in style?

Get your copy of Mato Jelic’s Kingslayer! while it’s available for free.

Click here to download Mato’s Kingslayer!



P.S. Revolutionize your attacking ability with the complete, 17 hour course The King Hunt. Mato analyzes over 300 attacking brilliancies, beautifully organized by theme. Get your copy for under 50 bucks here.

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