[FREE] The secret of Morphy’s magic 🎩 revealed!

People always say, if you’re growing disillusioned with chess and need to reignite that spark, play over the games of Paul Morphy!

The American genius burst on to the scene in the 19th century, destroyed everyone by massive winning margins – often with beautiful miniatures… then quit.

150 years later, every World Champion has marveled at and praised his brilliance.

And, today, you get to learn the techniques behind Morphy’s mastery with an awesome 1 hour training from GM Axel Delorme!

Click here to download The Magic of Morphy!

“In a set match, Morphy would beat anybody alive today. I’ve played over hundreds of his games and am continually surprised and entertained by his ingenuity.” Bobby Fischer, 1963.

Here’s what to expect:

  • The Opera House secret. Burn your opening books and play like Paul! Morphy’s pieces glide across the board as he sacrifices 3 pieces before delivering mate on move 17. GM Delorme explains the one principle dictating Morphy’s every move in perhaps the most beautiful game in history!
  • Ingenious tactics. When you think like Morphy, not only do you get fantastically active positions, but tactical shots like 19…Ng3!! become obvious.
  • Open, attacking games. Bored of both sides developing on their half of the board until move 15? GM Delorme explains Morphy’s timeless techniques for opening up the position to your advantage.

Click here to download The Magic of Morphy!

Team iChess


P.S. This is just a tiny portion of GM Delorme’s incredible new 15 hour Modern Chess Fundamentals. Covering everything from calculation to pawn structure, sound opening play to winning endgames, it’s the ultimate course for players looking to hit 1800 Elo and beyond. To celebrate the launch, you can get 50% off your copy by clicking here.

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