113,832 well selected games by the Paramount Chess Database to study and learn at a 10% discount

Ask any GM the fastest way to become really strong and they’ll tell you to study and learn from the well annotated games of top players.

The annoying problem you face as a learner is that it’s very difficult to find a collection of games that are high quality, easy to browse and are also annotated by top grandmasters.


Chess Informant have now changed this by introducing the Paramount Chess Database which places 113,832 well selected games in the palm of your hand, and they’re annotated by all of the top players from the last 50 years!


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This incredible database features 630 games annotated by Kasparov, 507 by Anand, 442 by Kramnik, 580 by Karpov and 372 by Tal! Even the great Bobby Fischer himself annotated several games in this database!


How could you use this? Here are some simple examples:


Want to learn the Sicilian Defense? Sort by opening and study games annotated by experts like Fischer, Tal and Kasparov! Model these champion’s unique methods to demolish your opponents. You could learn any opening this way!


Want to improve your strategy? Sort by players and study self-annotated games by strategists like Karpov or Adams! Take notes and apply their deep ideas in your own games.

Learn from the Golden Games collection This is a special collection of the best games from the last 50 years, as judged by a jury of top grandmasters. Games are annotated by the winners, so if you study these games you’ll not only get hours of enjoyment, but learn from elite players how they themselves create chess masterpieces.


This premium level database focuses on quality over quantity and will benefit your chess study greatly from now until the day you become a master.


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